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I recently read an excellent article on Web Designer Depot discussing how NOT to design a logo. I won’t regurgitate what was already written there – it’s essentially talking about the shortcuts some businesses take to get a low-cost logo designed, and the pitfalls of adopting such an approach. Great article, well worth a read.

We talk to a lot of people who come to us with a great idea for a new website or online business, and as part of this they want a logo designed. However it does surprise me sometimes how their logo seems to be an afterthought. You spend hours talking through the ins and outs of their project in detail and at the end of it all they say “oh, and could you design us a logo too?”

I think the reason for this is that often, to a client their logo isn’t a large piece of the puzzle that makes up their overall business. It’s their name, in a font, in a colour. However for me as a web designer the logo/branding will set the tone for their entire website. To take that one step further, their logo/branding should set the tone for their entire business. It may not be the biggest piece of the puzzle, but it’s the piece that can make or break it.

To that end, the time/money invested in logo design should be proportional to the rest of the project. If you’re having a £15,000 ecommerce store designed, a £50 logo just isn’t going to cut it. As a general guide, I would expect to spend at least 10% of the cost of your project on logo design. However do keep in mind that really good branding can make a low-budget website look like a big-budget website. So it’s sometimes worth investing that extra cash early on to help get you off to a good start.

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