Magento is one of the most resource intensive ecommerce applications on the market. When compared to other open source ecommerce products, Magento has a file and database structure that is infinitely more complex. As the dozens of threads about hosting on the Magento forums will confirm, unless your site is getting literally no traffic, at £10 per month shared hosting package just isn’t going to cut it.

At Limesharp we’ve been hosting Magento sites for 3 years, and have our own top of the range hosting solution designed by our hosting partner Rackspace specifically to run Magento (and to run it FAST). The result is a fully PCi-compliant load-balanced server environment consisting of top-of-the-range Dell R710 servers.

We offer a range of hosting options from entry-level (yet extremely powerful) options for smaller website, right through to complex load balanced solutions for websites receiving high volumes of traffic.


As of October 2009 all ecommerce merchants are required to by PCi-Compliant. One of the key criteria for our new hosting environment was that it should make PCi-compliance easier for our clients to achieve. We ensured that our servers are running the latest anti-virus software, up-to-date operating systems, that we have full intrusion detection capabilities and that our sites are set up in the most secure way possible. This means that passing the quarterly security scans required for PCi-compliance is a breeze for our customers.


We have a range of flexible support contracts designed to offer our customers peace of mind that we are on the other end of the phone should a problem arise. Unlike other support contracts we don't limit the number of hours or incidents we will help with... if you're one of our customers then we want to take care of you.